Nov 7, 2023

Jeni's Welcomes Five Holiday Ice Cream Flavors for 2023

A pint of Jeni's Buckeye Frenzy ice cream.
Ice cream maker Jeni's welcomes five limited-time, holiday ice cream flavors for 2023, including new Buckeye Frenzy.

Buckeye Frenzy features salted peanut butter ice cream with crispy chocolate and chocolate-covered rice cereal. The flavor is inspired by buckeye candies, which are named for their resemblances to the nut of native Ohioan buckeye trees. Buckeye candies generally consist of peanut butter balls dipped in chocolate.

Other flavors here for the holiday include:

- White Chocolate Peppermint - Pink and white peppermint ice creams with white chocolate freckles.

- Boozy Eggnog -  Egg custard ice cream infused with with nutmeg and Uncle Nearest Tennessee whiskey.

- Merry Berry - Brambly berry buttermilk ice cream with amaretti cookies and raspberry coulis. The flavor is inspired by jam-filled holiday cookies.

- Rum Ball (vegan) - Rum-soaked, dark chocolate frozen coconut cream with tangerine and crumbled white cake. 

All five holiday flavors are available for nationwide shipping from the Jeni's website. They can also be found at Jeni's scoop shops across the country, and in select grocery stores, while supplies last.

Photo via Jeni's Ice Creams.

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