Nov 2, 2023

Review: Bonchon - Korean Donuts

Bonchon Korean Donuts next to a quarter.

Bonchon's Korean Donuts are described as "soft and fluffy inside and coated with cinnamon and sugar." They're the Korean fried chicken chain's rendition of kkwabaegi (Korean twisted donuts), which are typically sold in Korea at bakeries and street vendors. I've never tried them before so this is new to me.

I bought two donuts for $4.99.

Out of the box, the donuts were warm (although they didn't seem freshly fried) and looked like your typical twist donuts.

Close-up of Bonchon Korean Donuts.

Outside, the donut was soft and accompanied by the grainy texture from the sugar. There was a decently even coat of cinnamon-sugar for a sweet, moderately cinnamon-y flavor in each bite.

Inside, the donut was pillowy soft and somewhat dense as far as yeast donuts goes. There might be some egg and/or milk involved in the dough, as there's a slight bit of richness to the crumb.

Cross-section of a Bonchon Korean Donut.

In short, Bonchon's Korean Donuts mostly tasted and felt like regular twist donuts covered in cinnamon-sugar, which is to say they were enjoyable but familiar. While the price seemed a little high to me, a Krispy Kreme Original Glazed costs $2.49 around here so it's actually comparable.

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