Jan 6, 2024

New Chobani Creations Greek Yogurt Arrives

The six flavors of the Chobani Creations Greek Yogurt line.
New Chobani Creations Greek Yogurt arrives on store shelves nationwide as a line of dessert-inspired Greek yogurt that sees whole milk Greek yogurt paired with something sweet (a sauce and/or fruit).

At launch, Chobani Creations Greek Yogurt comes in six flavors:

- Mocha Tiramisu - Whipped cream coffee-vanilla Greek yogurt over a layer of chocolate fudge.

- Apple Pie à la Mode - Cinnamon-sugar apple chunks underneath vanilla ice cream-inspired Greek yogurt.

- Cherry Cheesecake - Jammy black cherries with vanilla cheesecake-inspired Greek yogurt.

- Orange Cream Pop - Orange sauce with vanilla ice cream-inspired Greek yogurt.

- Banana Foster - Sweet, caramelized banana pieces layered with caramel Greek yogurt.

- Caramel Sundae - Dulce de leche caramel sauce underneath vanilla ice cream-inspired Greek yogurt.

The new yogurt line is positioned as a better-for-you indulgence good for the later parts of the day. In their own words, "Chobani Creations are perfect as an afternoon pick-me-up or for those well-deserved "me moments" at the end of a long day." It sounds a bit like a twist on Chobani's already existing Flip line. The Flip line features Greek yogurt in various flavors paired with toppings inspired by desserts like s'mores and cookie dough.

You can find Chobani Creations in stores now at a suggested price of $1.79 per 5.3-oz cup.

Photo via Chobani.

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