Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Review: Pizza Hut - Buffalo Wings

Taking advantage of Pizza Hut's 50 Cent Wing Wednesday promotion, I tried their Boneless Buffalo Wings which, as far as I can tell, are not wings at all, but breaded breast pieces doused in buffalo sauce.  They're normally eight "wings" for $6.99 but at 50 cent a wing, it came out to $4.

You can also get Pizza Hut's wings in "Traditional" (non-breaded bone-in wings) or "Crispy Bone-In" (self-explanatory).  It is normally slightly less for bone-in wings at eight wings for $6.49 in my neck of the woods.

Buffalo flavor is available in three levels of spiciness: mild, medium, and burnin' hot (personally I would have named my hottest flavor "ragin' inferno" or "novacane substitute" but that's just me).  I chose to go with "medium."  Buffalo sauce (and wings), by the way, is named after their city of origin: Buffalo, NY, and is basically cayenne pepper hot sauce and butter or margarine.
So how was it?  It was quite spicy with lasting heat so I would say spicy enough unless you hate your tongue, in which case, I would suggest "burnin' hot."  The breading was soggy but that's not unexpected when wings are sauced.  The Buffalo sauce was used too liberally and overpowered much of the chicken flavor; there was just too much salt and vinegary sourness.

Also they didn't offer us any Ranch sauce!  How can I eat Buffalo Wings with no Ranch sauce?!  Celery and carrots sticks would be nice as well.

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