Apr 19, 2024

New Creamy Coconut Dr Pepper Coming in May 2024

Cans of Dr Pepper Creamy Coconut.
New Creamy Coconut-flavored Dr Pepper soda arrives at retailers nationwide in time for the summer starting May 1, 2024.

The limited-time flavor features Dr Pepper's signature combination of 23 flavors layered with a tropical coconut note and a creamy finish.

Dr Pepper Creamy Coconut will be available in regular and Zero Sugar versions. According to Dr Pepper, it will be the "only coconut-cream-flavored dark soda on the market."

The limited-time run for Dr Pepper Creamy Coconut and Dr Pepper Creamy Coconut Zero Sugar starts May 1 and goes through the end of July 2024, while supplies last. You'll be able to find the new summertime soda in 20-oz bottles and 12-packs of 12-oz cans.

Photo via Dr Pepper.

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