Jan 1, 2011

Brand Eating: A Year in Reviews - 2010

Happy 2011! It's been quite a year here at Brand Eating. Looking back at January, I started to update the blog regularly and had a little over 9,000 page views that month. Fast forward to last month and we have regular daily updates and over 100,000 page views a month which is a little crazy to me but I'm not complaining. Thank you everyone for visiting and commenting!

So to celebrate a great year, let's take a look back at the 10 most viewed reviews of 2010 (which is really a look at the some of the most popular fast food items of 2010), starting with number 10...

10. Pizza Hut Big Italy
The return of the Big Foot? Not really, and not really good either.

9. Subway Jalapeno Turkey Melt Sub
Pretty good for a limited-time item that existed before and after its run.

8. Taco Bell Party Pack
People really like their tacos in bulk at 12 for $10. I really liked how sturdy and hefty the cardboard box was.

7. Burger King Buck Double
Burger King pulls a McDonald's and does away with a slice of cheese but I end up liking it better. Technically, you're getting the same beef for your buck.

6. Burger King's BK Fire-Grilled Ribs
In a ballsy move, Burger King comes out with a radical fast food product that is actually decent, but small and pricey.

5. Burger King's BK Ultimate Breakfast Platter
Burger King re-does its breakfast menu to better compete with McDonald's and comes up with more than a few McDonald's knock-offs.

4. Burger King's BK Breakfast Bowl
Probably my favorite of the new BK breakfast items; its not much to look at but it is tasty!

3. Pizza Hut's Cheesy Bites Pizza
To hell with the pizza part, I could eat the crust all by itself.

2. KFC's Boneless Filet
Canada had it first (unlike the Double Down, which they got second) but now we too can eat the fried chicken filet without the bun.

1. Subway's Orchard Chicken Sub
I'm surprised as you are, but people really, really liked this sandwich, and I have to say, it was pretty good (and healthy to boot! Look at all the greenery I had them put in!).


  1. Did you review the Double Down? I could have sworn that got the most media coverage (good / bad / whatever) of this year...

    Happy new year, Brand Eating! To you and a new food year!

  2. I did! And it was probably the most written about fast food item of 2010... but it was "only" #16 on the list of most-viewed reviews on Brand Eating.

    Thanks and a happy new year to you too!


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