Jan 31, 2011

News: Popeyes - New Red Hot Popcorn Chicken

Popeyes' latest limited-time menu item, Red Hot Popcorn Chicken features bits of white meat chicken marinated in a spicy 4-pepper blend of Cayenne, White, Black, and Habernero peppers and fried with a crunchy breading.

$2.99 gets you an order of Popcorn Chicken, Cajun Fries, dipping sauce, and a Buttermilk Biscuit.

No nutritional information available. Popeyes doesn't publish nutritional information for limited-time items.


  1. I tried to get these this weekend. I went to two Popeyes - one didn't know when they would get them, the other had never heard of them. Annoying.

  2. I passed by a Popeye's in Burbank that had the ad in the window. I got it from a more local joint but they didn't give me any fries or biscuit for my $2.99! I get the feeling that Popeye's corporate communication isn't so great.

  3. I found it today in Monrovia - $2.99 was for the chicken by itself; the drink/fries/biscuit combo was $3.99. I'll probably write about it tomorrow.

  4. My local joint was offering the same combo for $5.99 O_o

  5. Is that like a Beverly Hills Popeyes? Geez. I thought 4 bucks was a little too much for the amount of chicken I got. I really liked it though.

  6. 4.99 in New Orleans. Popeyes service is worse than anything I've ever seen. I hate going.


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