Jan 7, 2011

Frozen Friday: California Pizza Kitchen - Garlic Chicken Pizza

California Pizza Kitchen's frozen Garlic Chicken Pizza features a crispy, thin-crust pizza topped with a bordelaise butter sauce, white chicken cubes, mozzarella cheese, onions, roasted garlic, and parsley for $6.49.

It's fairly quick to cook in the oven (about 10 to 12 minutes) but suffers from a major problem: it's really dry. The crust is like a desert bereft of any oasis (sauce); there's just cheese, chicken, and veggies. There's supposed to be a butter sauce but I guess it blended with the cheese and there was no butter flavor.
The result is a bit like eating really dry crackers with cheese but not as good. CPK's Chicken Garlic Pizza really needs sauce to offset the dryness. I guess more cheese might have done the trick as well.

The chicken was a little dry but relatively plentiful; the main flavor was garlic though.
The Sister felt the pizza was too garlicky but I like garlic. Still, I would have rather had a slice of garlic cheese bread.

One pizza is meant for three people but it's smaller than the box suggests.

Nutritional Info - California Pizza Kitchen Frozen Garlic Chicken Pizza - serving size - 1/3 pizza (119g)
Calories - 280 (from Fat - 90)
Fat - 10g (Saturated Fat - 4.5g)
Sodium - 670mg
Carbs - 32g (Sugar - 2g)
Protein - 16g


  1. I think they go on sale for like around $3.50 to $4.00 but that isn't so great when you can just buy a pizza fresh from $5 or $6. CPK is definitely a "premium" frozen food brand.

    I like to cook on occasion (too lazy nowadays) but pizza is one of those things that seems to turn out better when I buy it from a pizzeria.

  2. I stay away from the CPK frozen pizzas unless they are on sale at a substantial discount (I'm talking buy one get one free). I don't see much difference between them and other frozen pizzas that cost half the price.

  3. My favorite would have to be one of the cheapest: Totino's! Then again, I grew up eating them so I might be a little biased.

  4. $6.50?!? Dang! I never understood CPK... it must be a restaurant or "premium" brand or something.

    You like to cook, BE? I bet you could make one of these pretty easy and certainly solve the dry problem. Butter sauce or ranch dressing. Maybe even lite ranch. Parm sauce even...

  5. 6.xx for frozen pizza is crazy! i like cpk but will only pay 3.99 on sale and when i have coupons. i have a bunch in my freezer with the last sale. bruce can finish 1 whole pizza by himself.


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