Jan 16, 2011

Review: Pringles - Hoppin' Horseradish Potato Crisps

Pringles's limited-time Hoppin' Horseradish flavor is part of their "Extreme" line of chips and generally cost around $2.49 at regular price for a 6.38-ounce canister or between $1 and $2 on sale.

Pringles are like the un-potato chip; they come stacked in canisters and are made from dried potatoes that are pressed into the same uniform shape. While they have a starchy potato flavor, it's distinctly different from potato chips. The texture is a bit different as well. They're also not as greasy and generally mess-free but taste somewhat dry.

While it's kinda neat how they're all in one tall stack, you still have to dump them out eventually as only small hands can reach the bottom of the canister.

The Hoppin' Horseradish flavor has that distinct horseradish/wasabi flavor that some people like and other hate. It's not strong enough to clear your sinuses but it does have that initial bite to it; I wouldn't call it "extreme" though.
It reminds me of a beef/wasabi flavored chip I ate in Japan although the Japanese rendition was a bit stronger in the horseradish department. Both chips are quite good and it's a shame that the Pringles version is available for a limited-time only.

If you're any fan of horseradish or just searching for an interesting chip, Pringles Hoppin' Horseradish are tasty and worth a try while you can still get them.

Nutritional Info - Pringles Hoppin' Horseradish Potato Crisps - serving size - 16 crisps (28g)
Calories - 150 (from Fat - 80)
Fat - 9g (Saturated Fat - 2.5g)
Sodium - 200mg
Carbs - 15g (Sugar - 1g)
Protein - 1g


  1. Yeah, I agree with Marvo....although I don't know what region I am in, but I haven't seen it at my local Smith's.

  2. I hear this is a regional flavor. Unfortunately, it's not available in my region.

  3. Ah, that sucks. These are the Japanese one's I tried: if you still want horseradish chips; I think I've seen them at the Japanese supermarket which I'm guessing are available in Hawaii.


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