Jan 25, 2011

News: Papa John's - Free Pizza if Super Bowl XLV goes into Overtime

Papa John's is really angling for your pizza money for Super Bowl XLV with two promotions for free pizza on the day of (Sunday, February 6, 2011).

The first promotion is a free large (up to three toppings) pizza for everyone in the U.S. who registers for their Papa Points reward program if Super Bowl XLV goes into overtime.

So the question is: What are the odds? I'll throw out a couple of facts. One, no Super Bowl has ever gone into overtime. And two, only about 4% to 5% of NFL football games have gone into overtime. So basically, you have about a 4% to 5% chance of getting a free large pizza on Super Bowl Sunday this year as long as you're registered for Papa Points.

The second promotion is the 45 Second Pizza Giveaway Sweepstakes where Papa John's will select one winner on Super Bowl Sunday starting from 10:00:45am (Eastern Time) to 9:59pm (Eastern Time) every 45 seconds (a total of 960 random drawings) from a pool of people who order pizza online from Papa John's during the sweepstakes period. Winners will receive a $45 digital Papa John's gift certificate via email.

Papa John's is also offering any large for $10 until the end of February 6th.


  1. Roman numerals. X = 10, L = 50, V=5, if a smaller numeral is placed before a larger one you subtract the smaller from the larger. So XLV = 45.


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