Jan 17, 2011

Review: Burger King - BK Stuffed Steakhouse Burger

Burger King's new limited-time Jalapeno & Cheddar BK Stuffed Steakhouse burger features a thick beef patty with pieces of jalapenos and Cheddar cheese inside. The patty is joined by a creamy poblano (another pepper) sauce, tomatoes, and lettuce on BK's premium sandwich bakery bun. Like most of the Steakhouse line a BK Stuffed Steakhouse will run you $3.99.

This burger packs a fair amount of heat and flavor. It's probably the spiciest burger I've had at a fast food chain. There's a strong initial heat that fades fairly quickly. It's not a good choice if you either can't deal with spicy or only like a little bit of spicy. Most of the spicy is in the patty as the poblano sauce is fairly mild and similar to a smoky mayo.
The thick beef patty had a nice charred crust throughout this time around of which I was very appreciative of; it gave my BK Stuffed Steakhouse a bit of that backyard grill feeling. With the size of the patty relative to the bun and the amount of lettuce and tomatoes, you get a lot of meat flavor. The meat is ground a bit too fine; it resembles a hot dog with a smooth texture rather than a coarser burger texture. It was nice and juicy though.
I got some nice grill marks this time around!
I didn't get much cheese flavor from the little melted bits in the bun; there just wasn't that much cheese. It probably would have been better to just have the jalapeno bits in the patty and just topped it with a slice of cheese.
As you can see, the BK Stuffed Steakhouse patty is ground really fine.
Overall, the BK Stuffed Steakhouse Burger was very good and the best BK Steakhouse Burger I've tried yet. It offers a spicy taste in a burger that most other places don't and is well worth a try as long as you can take the heat.

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Nutritional Info - BK Stuffed Steakhouse
Calories - 600 (from Fat - 310)
Fat - 34g (Saturated Fat - 12g)
Sodium - 1250mg
Carbs - 50g (Sugar - 7g)
Protein - 26g


  1. The patty is weird. Reminds me of a boca burger with all those veggie chunks in it.

  2. I like the idea of a stuffed burger, and it's nice to see a fast-food chain having a go at it.
    I agree with the cheese being hardly noticeable and a slice or two on the patty itself would probably have been a better idea.

    I personally like spicy food as long as it doesn't get too extreme. I thought tough that the Angry Whopper had more kick to it than this one, butit could just be my memory playing tricks with me.

  3. I can't really say on the Angry Whopper being spicier because I'm ashamed to say I never tried it O_o


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