Jan 20, 2011

Review: Wendy's - Yogi Bear Cheeseburger Kids' Meal

Wendy's Kids' Meal is unique among the major fast food chains in that in addition to the standard entree, side, and drink (it used to be burger, fries, and drink but now there are healthy options as well such as mandarin oranges and low fat chocolate milk), you also get a Kid's sized Chocolate Frosty.

On this occasion, I got the Cheeseburger Kids' Meal with fries, and fountain drink (plus the Frosty) for $1.99 with a coupon (it's normally $3.59).

First off, it looks like Wendy's ninja-changed the bun on their Jr. Cheeseburger. If I were to guess, I would think it has some whole wheat white flour in it. Regardless, it was a bit drier than I remember and rather tasteless to boot. It didn't have that slight sweetness and same squishy denseness I remember. The Sister did not care for the bun and thought it was different as well. The bun was also too thick for the beef patty resulting in very little meat flavor. The main flavor was the ketchup (there was maybe a smudge of mustard that I couldn't taste over the ketchup) that they chose to douse the Jr. Cheeseburger with the occasional bite of pickle. I was really disappointed.
I tasted the new Natural Cut Fries with Sea Salt before but this time they were slightly soft, less salty, and reminded me of a soggy batch of the old fries which is actually fine by me.

The highlight had to be the mini-Frosty which was a little melted but just enough to satiate any cravings for a frozen chocolate treat.
The toy that came with the meal was a Yogi Bear fishing pole. You know, for fishing picnic baskets. Each basket had pictures of varying points and food underneath for a point-based fishing game.

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Nutritional Info - Wendy's Kid's Meal with Fries and a Coke (544g)
Calories - 730 (Calories from Fat - 230)
Fat - 26g (Saturated Fat - 10g)
Sodium - 1030mg
Carbs - 104g (Sugar - 50g)
Protein - 21g


  1. Since when do you get a frosty and drink with your meal? In PA and NJ it is either or. I have 3 kids, the oldest 20 and can tell ya we went through a lot of Wendy's kids meals and never once didn't have to pay extra if we wanted the frosty and a drink.

  2. Really? No little bitty Frosty? I guess maybe only my local Wendy's does it; I've never had a Kid's Meal from another Wendy's so I don't know if they do it differently.

  3. I think all the ones in California give you the free frosty! As far as I know I've always gotten the frosty with it.

  4. I want all my owed tiny frosties.. however it's spelled plural. I feel totally jipped. I love those things. One of the few things that taste exactly the same as it did years ago.

  5. When I worked at Wendy's in Utah a mini frosty came with each kid's meal.


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