Jan 18, 2011

News: Domino's - Smart Slices for School Lunches

Looks like Domino's Pizza is getting into the school lunch game with the introduction of their Smart Slice school lunch pizza program. A Smart Slice is a healthier version of Domino's Pizza made with 51% whole wheat white flour, reduced sodium, and reduced fat.

The Smart Slices are baked fresh at local Domino's locations and delivered to participating schools.

There are currently over 120 school districts participating in the program and Domino's plans to double that number within the next year.

The pizza was specifically developed to meet new, recently-announced proposed USDA guidelines for school lunches.

I'd be interested to know the exact nutritional information for a slice but I'm sure it can't be any worse than the frozen pizza I got from the school cafeteria back in the day. I remember that for quite a while I boycotted school pizza because it looked so gross (I had never even bothered to try it and was surprised to find it edible (sometimes) when I finally did).

Beside providing a better tasting yet still nutritious pizza option to school, I would also point out that the program also puts the Domino's brand out to kids in a bit of school marketing. Then again, I remember as a kid that my school pizza parties were always from Domino's or Pizza Hut anyway so it's not like they actually have to bother.

I'd be particularly interested if there ends up being a trickle up effect where healthier pizzas at the school level translates into healthier pizza at the retail level.

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  1. While reading this I was questioning the same thing you brought up in the last about a healthier option for ma and pa and the rest of us???


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