Jan 9, 2011

Classic Review: Nabisco - Better Cheddars

Better Cheddars are part of Nabisco's Flavor Originals line of crackers. Along with Nabisco's Cheese Nips, Pepperidge Farm's Goldfish, Sunshine's Cheez-Its, Nabisco's Better Cheddars are the only cheese-flavored crackers I know of. I don't pretend to know why Nabisco saw fit to make two separate cheese-flavored cracker brands but a 7-ounce box carries a normal price of $3.59 though I got this particular box at two for $1.

Tastewise, they're mostly similar to Cheese Nips and Cheez-Its but are, lighter, and crisper. The difference in texture is probably what most sets them apart from the other cheese crackers. I wouldn't say they have a distinct Cheddar flavor but they do have some cheese flavor.
They're baked but end up leaving some oil on your fingers. I don't eat them very often but they're nice now and again.

Nutritional Info - Nabisco Better Cheddars - serving size - 22 crackers (31g)
Calories - 160 (from Fat - 70)
Fat - 8g (Saturated Fat - 1.5g)
Sodium - 360mg
Carbs - 18g (Sugar - 0g)
Protein - 3g


  1. Great atmosphere, service as well as food are
    excellent; you’ll definitely have wonderful time and big portions and price is
    very reasonable.  

  2. Hahaha, when I think of drunken fun, of course I think of better cheddars...

    Seriously, I've hardly ever had these, but still great comments. Cheers!

  3. you sound like fun, better cheddars, booze, vehicles, all the essentials for an exciting night out with the girls

  4. I got these once while I was really buzzed, and my even drunker friend ended up spilling it all over the back seat of my car >: [ I prefer Cheezits, but these are good too and Cheese Nips have almost no taste to them. I'm amazed you got these at 2 for $1. I'd definitely get them again if I saw them at that price.

    Oh, and of course, I didn't drive. My sober friend did.

  5. I must say I really like it. Your imformation is usefull. Thanks for share.

  6. I consider myself a cheese cracker critic.  My favorite, by far, is Cheez Its White Cheddar.

  7. I don't know why someone doesn't sell those saltine-looking cheese crackers they use for the peanut butter and cracker snacks, although the Big Cheez-Its work okay with peanut butter.


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