May 1, 2013

News: Domino's Lets You Watch Pizza-Making Live

Perhaps in an effort to bring back the theater in pizza making, this month Domino's is offering all the online live pizza -making you could possibly want to watch from one of their locations in Salt Lake City. They've installed five cameras throughout the store so anyone can watch each pizza being made throughout the day from pizza forming through to the oven.

The live feeds runs for 12 hours each day throughout this month, from 11am MST to 11pm MST, at

Here's a video detailing the concept:

If it works out well, it's possible that online pizza-making viewing might become a thing for Domino's, and customers will actually be able to see their pizza order being made from the web.


  1. I was just checking it out. Not much going on, but I like the fact that they focus on the actual pizza rather than the employees -- it would be kind of creepy otherwise.

  2. I work at Domino's and this definitely would only work for the bigger stores with plenty of employees. Corporate would surely not want people watching us get behind during a Friday rush...


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