Sep 30, 2014

News: 7- Eleven - New Extreme Meat Pizza Plus Other Specials

7-Eleven adds to their pizza line up with the new Extreme Meat Pizza. It comes topped with sausage, Canadian bacon, pepperoni, and mozzarella. The price for the pizza is $5.55.

They also have some other new items, deals, and exclusives currently. Here's a handy list:

- New Pub Classic Roast Beef Sandwich -  It features roast beef, chipotle cheddar cheese, and garlic herb spread on a pretzel roll.

- New Thai Salad featuring spicy peanut dressing, noodles, fried wontons, diced chicken on lettuce and veggies.

- New Kickstart Fruit Punch Slurpee - the same flavor as Mountain Dew's breakfast soda.

- Limited-time 20-oz Cherry Fanta at 2 for $2.

- New, Exclusive 16-oz Monster Energy Ultra Black at 2 for $4. It's a zero calorie, black cherry-flavored energy drink.

- Vitamin Water, 2 for $2.50.

- Glazed Donuts at 2 for $1.

- Any Grill Items at 3 for $3 - includes taquitos, Big Bite hot dogs, and rollers, but excludes 1/4 lb. Bit Bite hot dogs. It's basically good on any item off the grill costing up to $1.49 regularly. You have to buy three for the discount.

The deals and items are available at participating 7-Eleven stores and for the deals on multiple items you have to buy that many items to get the discount.

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