Sep 11, 2014

Review: Sonic - Cheesy Pub Chicken Sandwich

Sonic's Cheesy Pub Chicken Sandwich is a variant of their regular Chicken Sandwich that features a pub-style cheddar cheese sauce, a choice of grilled or crispy white-meat chicken breast, a slice of white cheddar cheese, zesty caramelized onion sauce, lettuce, and tomato, on a whole grain ciabatta bun.

I picked up the crispy version and they were going for $4.39 a pop. I received this one courtesy of Sonic though.

The pub-style cheddar cheese sauce tastes like a sauce version of the cheese in Handi-snacks. It's that familiar amalgamated cheddar-American cheese combo. There's not much of it going on from something called a "Cheesy Pub Chicken Sandwich." Instead, the sauce that figures in more prominently is the caramelized onion sauce, which as an enjoyable tangy sweet factor, fits quite nicely.

The chicken filet was thick but a little bit too short for the bun. I understand that they can't control the size of a chicken breast (much), but it bears mentioning that about a fifth of my bites were chicken-less. Other than the sizing issue, there was a nice flavor and the breading was satisfyingly crispy.

The white cheddar cheese was actual cheese rather than the processed stuff and sported a mild flavor.

The tomatoes and onions were pretty fresh. The tomatoes weren't overly ripe and the lettuce was crisp.

The whole grain ciabatta felt more like a solid but standard soft burger (which is pretty good for a whole grain bun) with a ciabatta shape rather than an actual ciabatta, but that seems to be the norm as insofar as fast food ciabatta goes.

Overall, Sonic's Cheesy Pub Chicken Sandwich doesn't quite live up to the name given that the tastier and stronger onion sauce carried a bulk of the sauce flavor load. It's solid, but I'd rather just go with their regular chicken sandwich with the onion sauce.

Nutritional info not listed online.

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