Sep 30, 2014

Secret Menu: In-N-Out - Whole Grilled Onions and Extra Toasted Bun

A few of the options you can get at In-N-Out include getting a whole slice of onion grilled ("WhGR") and getting your bun extra toasted ("X toast").

I don't believe a lot of people know about it so I decided to try both on a Double Double (I also went with no tomato). There's no added charge for either option

The default at In-N-Out when you get grilled onions is that they're diced, while the default for fresh onions is more-or-less a whole slice of onion. But you can also request for a whole grilled onion slice (or more if you like) as well as getting the fresh onions diced.

So how did the grilled whole onion turn out? You might like it if you prefer a sweet onion flavor without char, as the whole grilled onion wasn't cooked as well. It still had a bit of chewiness to it, whereas typically with the grilled diced onions, there's a bit more caramelizing and charring.

I think grilled or fresh, I prefer the onion at In-N-Out diced.

As far as the extra toasting goes, it adds an extra crunchiness to your burger without doing away with the soft, sponginess of the bun. I will say that sometimes my bun is about this toasted anyway though. Extra toasting works best for dining in though; if you're getting it to go, by the time you get home, the toast will have softened from the heat and moisture.

In sum, I prefer diced onions to whole at In-N-Out and an extra-toasted bun is nice for dining in.

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