Sep 3, 2014

News: Dairy Queen - September 2014 Blizzard of the Month

Dairy Queen's Blizzard of the Month for September 2014 is surprisingly not pumpkin pie (although it might be next month or the month after). Instead, it's the new Apple Pie Blizzard, which features cinnamon apple, cinnamon pie pieces, blended with vanilla soft serve, and topped with whipped topping and a dusting of cinnamon (it almost sounds like a Cinnamon Blizzard).

Pumpkin Pie Blizzard fans have no need to worry though, as the Pumpkin Pie Blizzard is still making its annual fall return and should be available for a limited time throughout the season. They're marketing the dual offerings as a "Blizzard Battle" of autumn pie versus pie.

Nutritional Info - Dairy Queen Apple Pie Blizzard - Small (316.57g)
Calories - 580 (from Fat - 200)
Fat - 23g (Saturated Fat - 15g)
Sodium - 420mg
Carbs - 83g (Sugar - 65g)
Protein - 12g