Sep 29, 2014

Around the World: Krispy Kreme Delivers Giant Box of 2,400 Donuts in UK

As part of a promotion for their new Occasions service for big corporate events and weddings, Krispy Kreme delivered 2,400 Original Glazed Donuts in one giant box to one lucky social media follower over in the UK.

According the USA Today, the box measured 11.4 feet by 3 feet, required 8 people to deliver it, and if sold, would cost $2,600.

Unfortunately for those with big donut box dreams, you won't be able to order the giant box. The service does, however, offer giant donut towers with up to 183 donuts. If you buy about 14 of them, it's still not a giant box of 200 dozen donuts (or as they liked to call it "100 double dozens"), but it's almost like having a skyline of donuts.

Photo by Krispy Kreme.

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