Sep 20, 2014

News: Hershey's - New Candy Corn Creme Bar

Hershey's is offering the new Candy Corn Creme Bar this year for Halloween. Also available this Halloween are new Caramel Apple Filled Twizzlers.

The new Candy Corn Creme Bar borrows the flavor of the signature Halloween treat and infuses it into a creme bar and throws in candy corn bits for good measure.

If the concept and packaging seem familiar, it's very much a candy corn version of last Christmas's Hershey Candy Cane Bar.

The new Candy Corn Creme Bar is available in 9.45-oz bags of snack-sized bars for $3.99 (may vary).

New Caramel Apple Filled Twizzlers come in 10.29-oz bags with a suggested retail of $2.99 (may vary). They're apple-flavored Twizzlers rope candy with a caramel filling.