Sep 10, 2014

Around the World: Burger King Japan's Latest Burger Comes with Pitch Black Cheese

Because they'd already done black buns, Burger King Japan continues the theme this fall with new black-bunned burgers with slices of pitch black cheese to match.

Offered in two varieties, Burger King designates them the "Kuro (Japanese for "black") Pearl" and "Kuro Diamond."

Kuro Pearl is the simpler (and perhaps more menacing) of the two, featuring a bamboo charcoal-infused black bun as well as bamboo-charcoal black cheese, plus a black onion and garlic sauce given its color by squid ink. Also, the beef patty is seasoned with black pepper.

The Kuro Diamond takes the ingredients from the Kuro Pearl and adds onions, tomato, lettuce, and mayo.
The Kuro Pearl burger goes for 480 yen (~$4.49 US), while the Kuro Diamond will be 690 yen (~$6.45 US) a pop.

Both burgers are set to arrive September 19, 2014 and stick around through early November.

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