Sep 10, 2014

Review: Arby's - Meat Mountain

Arby's Meat Mountain is a secret menu item featuring every single meat available from Arby's. Between the two buns, you'll find two crispy chicken tenders, 1.5-oz of roast turkey, 1.5-oz of ham, 1 slice of Swiss cheese, 1.5-oz of corned beef, 1.5-oz brisket, 1.5-oz Angus steak, 1 slice of cheddar cheese, 1.5-oz of roast beef, and 3 half-strips of bacon.

The price tag on the Meat Mountain is a hefty $10.

There's a lot of meat here for anyone who doesn't spend a lot of time at Carnegie Deli. It's all thin-sliced so I couldn't really compact it much to fit into my mouth.

Some of the meats were forced out as I pressed down to take my first bite: As you can guess, it was very salty and the meaty flavors all just blended together without distinction. The general tenderness of the thin slices was only broken up by the crunchy breading on the chicken. The cheeses really didn't figure in tastewise with all the meats (regrettable since they were pretty nice slices of cheese).

The bun held together pretty well and sported a soft, dense crumb.

After the initial bite, I found it much more enjoyable to pick out individual meats to either sample or make little mini sandwiches. I particularly liked the brisket, the chicken tenders, and the bacon. They all had really nice flavors. The roast beef is good as well, but the ham and turkey mostly just reminded me of packaged deli meat.

Overall, Arby's Meat Mountain isn't really something you eat because all those meats taste really good together (it feels more like their individual flavors are wasted and it works better to break it up into several sandwiches), but rather for the odd experience and just to say you did. So yeah, I ate Arby's Meat Mountain.

Nutritional info not available.