Sep 27, 2014

News: Dole - New Power Smoothie Shakers

Dole has shaken up their Smoothie Shakers line with new Nutrition Plus Power Smoothie Shakers. While the regular line features yogurt and fruit, the new Power line ups the ante with by going with ever-trendy Greek yogurt and adding veggies to the mix.

Smoothie Shakers is Dole's blender-less smoothie solution. Each comes with small bits of frozen fruit and yogurt that you simply add juice to and shake for a quick smoothie.

There are three new Power Smoothie Shakers and, like the Power Rangers, each one corresponds to a different color.

The Red Power Shaker features strawberries, raspberries, red beets, and purple carrots.

The Blue Power Shaker includes blueberries, bananas, and red beets.

The Yellow Power Shaker come with pineapples, mango, sweet potatoes, and carrots.

The suggested retail price per Smoothie Shaker is $2.19 (may vary).

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