Sep 9, 2014

News: IHOP's New Waffles Have Bacon Baked Right In

IHOP introduces new Waffullicious Waffles, which include a new Bac' n' Cheddar version with bacon and cheddar cheese baked right in it. For good measure, the Belgian waffle is also topped with bacon pieces.

In case you want something a little more sweet, there's the Very Blueberry Cheesecake, which is a Belgian waffle with blueberries and NY cheesecake pieces baked inside, topped with more cheesecake pieces and blueberries.

Both flavors of IHOP's new Waffullicious Waffles are available for a limited time only through November 2, 2014. They can be ordered on their own or in a combo.

Additionally, IHOP is also offering Hot Apple Cider for the season.

Photo by IHOP.

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