Sep 17, 2014

News: Cinnabon - 2014 Fall Menu Includes New Pumpkin Pie Chillatta

Like a lot of chains this fall, Cinnabon is also offering a seasonal pumpkin-themed menu.

This year there are the new Pumpkin Caramel Classic Roll, MiniBon Roll, and Center of the Roll, as well as the new Pumpkin Pie Chilatta.

The Pumpkin Caramel Classic Roll, Minibon Roll, and Center of the Roll are the same as the regular versions of their cinnamon rolls except with the addition of pumpkin pie spices and caramel topping (that's in addition to the already decadent cream cheese frosting).

The new Pumpkin Pie Chillatta features the flavors of pumpkin, cinnamon, and caramel in a creamy, icy beverage, topped with pumpkin pie crust crumbles, whipped cream, and caramel drizzle.

Cinnabon's 2014 Fall/Pumpkin menu is available through November 30, 2014.

Edit 9/19/14: The Pumpkin Caramel baked items are new and not returning as earlier reported.

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