Sep 5, 2014

News: Einstein Bros. - 2014 Pumpkin Menu

The annual late summer/fall pumpkin parade continues... over at Einstein Bros. (and Noah's Bagels), they're kicking off the "2014 Pumpkin Bagel Bash," with the return of the eponymous baked good as well as other pumpkin-themed items.

Here's what you'll find in Einstein Bros. 2014 Pumpkin Bagel Bash:

- Pumpkin Bagel - fresh-baked daily and made with real pumpkin.

- Pumpkin Walnut Crunch Bagel - it's a pumpkin bagel plus walnut streusel.

- Pumpkin Schmear - spiced and pumpkin flavored, they compare it to a "rich, pumpkin cheesecake."

- Pumpkin Pull-Apart Cluster - pieces of pumpkin bagel, mixed with pumpkin syrup, cinnamon sugar, and streusel, drizzled with cream cheese icing.

- Pumpkin Muffin - a pumpkin muffin with pumpkin pie spices, topped with cream cheese icing.

- Pumpkin Latte - steamed milk, espresso, and pumpkin syrup.

- Autumn Roast Coffee - described as "fall spices with a touch of toasted chestnut flavor in a full-bodied drip coffee."

The fall menu is available for a limited time through November, while supplies last.

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