Jun 5, 2015

IHOP Changes Logo from Sad Face to Happy Face

IHOP recently released a new logo that turns the previous frown upside-down.

It seems the folks at IHOP marketing noticed that their previous logo could be interpreted as a sad face, so they rectified it with an extremely obvious smiley face dangling from the end of the acronym (IHOP stands for "International House of Pancakes"). It would appear that the chain doesn't want to be known for serving up frowns.

The new smiling logo now proudly decorates the IHOP website, mobile app, menu, advertising, and will eventually make its way onto all restaurant signage. The advertising and website also currently feature smiles as an overall theme.

This is the first logo change the chain has seen in over 20 years.

Here is an image of the old logo for reference:

Personally, I never noticed a frown until the new logo was unveiled and actually like the old design better. I find the new one a little kitschy.

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