Jun 12, 2015

Review - Trader Joe's Steak & Ale Pies

Trader Joe's Steak & Ale Pies feature a flaky crust filled chunks of braised beef with diced gold potatoes and carrots in a beef gravy made with porcini mushrooms, herbs, and Stout Ale.

A 20-ounce box of two pies was $5.99.

While there isn't any sort of crisping sleeves or discs for these, they turn out pretty well out of the microwave. The crust had a decent shell to it and a sprinkling of black pepper on top. I imagine it would turn out even better in the oven but it seemed a waste to fire up the oven for 50 minutes for a small pie (whereas the microwave is smaller and took only 5 minutes).

Beneath the shell, it was moist, buttery and flaky with just a bit of chew to it. It formed a nice, thick, even layer all round that you might be able to just pick up and eat.

Inside, is a thick, meaty stew with tender pieces of carrots and potatoes; the beef tended more towards shredded pieces than chunks though.

Still, there was a robust beefy flavor throughout and a definite hit of thyme. Compared to other pot pies I've tried, there's less gravy and more bits of meat and root vegetables.

Overall, Trader Joe's Steak & Ale Pies was great all around from the buttery crust to the rich, meat filling. Compared to other similar savory pies I've tried, there's more depth to the flavor and a step up in quality.

Nutritional Info - Trader Joe's Steak & Ale Pies
Serving Size - 1 pie (283g)
Calories - 670 (from Fat - 370)
Fat - 41g (Saturated Fat - 24g)
Sodium - 810mg
Carbs - 56g (Sugar - 4g)
Protein - 20g

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