Jun 15, 2015

Review: Del Taco - Chicken Roller

Del Taco's Chicken Roller features marinated grilled chicken with pepper jack cheese and a tangy green sauce rolled in a warm flour tortilla.

It's part of their Buck & Under value menu and cost me $1.

This is similar from the Loaded Grillers from Taco Bell, which used to be a buck and now cost a little over $1.50 or so. Del Taco's version isn't grilled though and feels plainer without that extra crisping.

Inside was a good amount of lightly seasoned and relatively tender chicken. The cheese was nicely melted to a gooey texture but its creamy flavor was lost against the green sauce.

The green sauce was present throughout with a very strong tangy flavor as well as a decent kick. It's a little too tangy for my liking as it overpowered much of the other components.

Overall, Del Taco's Chicken Roller offers a decent value but could have used a bit more moderation with the green sauce. Still, you can always order it with just the chicken and cheese and maybe get the sauce on the side.

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