Jun 9, 2015

Wienschnitzel Offers Five New Chili Dogs

Wienerschnitzel offers a bit more chili dog variety this summer with five new, limited-time chili dogs.

Each new hot dog features Wienerschnitzel's signature chili and freshly-grated cheddar cheese with a number of additional toppings. The new options are:

- Buffalo Bacon Chili Cheese Dog - Chopped bacon, sport peppers, and Frank's Buffalo Wing Sauce.

- Triple Cheese Double Bacon Chili Dog - Double portion of chopped bacon and slices of American cheese

- Bacon Ranch Chili Cheese Dog - Chopped bacon and ranch dressing.

- The Works Chili Cheese Dog - Mustard, sliced tomato, and a pickle spear.

- Loaded Bacon Street Chili Cheese Dog - Chopped bacon, mustard, ketchup, mayo, and grilled onions.

The new chili dog varieties are available for a limited time at participating Wienerschnitzel locations.

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