Jun 25, 2015

KFC New Zealand Now Offers Pineapple and Ham & Hash Brown on the Double Down

KFC's infamous meat-for-buns Double Down is back in New Zealand with two new "world first flavors" that feature pineapple, hash browns, and ham.

The new Double Down Hawaiian consists of two boneless fried chicken filets sandwiching grilled pineapple, bourbon barbecue sauce, bacon, cheese, and the Colonel's secret sauce, while the Double Down Ham Steak Hash offers the same fried chicken filets, bacon, cheese, barbecue sauce, and secret sauce plus a slice of ham and a hash brown patty.

While the Double Down has only ever been offered one way here in the U.S., KFC has been a little more adventurous with the sandwich abroad. They're tried a number of different versions in various countries including one with rice, one with a burger patty, and even one with a hot dog.

Photo via KFC New Zealand.

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