Jun 1, 2015

Review: Carl's Jr. - The Most American Thickburger

Carl's Jr.'s The Most American Thickburger features a Black Angus beef patty with American cheese, a split hot dog, Lay's kettle-cooked potato chips, pickles, lettuce, tomato, ketchup, and mustard on a Fresh Baked Bun.

I bought the 1/3 lb version for $6.99.

The construction of the sandwich makes for a pretty messy eating process. The chips and pickles were situated on the very bottom and formed an uneven base for the lettuce and tomatoes (wet ingredients that slid too and fro atop the chips). On top of this Jenga-like Slip & Slide were the heavier beef patty and split hot dog. Additionally, the hot dog only covered one side of the burger. Basically, you might want to eat this burger upside down and hope for the best.

Flavor-wise, the components were pretty good. They seemed to have forgotten the mustard on mine but the ketchup wasn't too heavy. The beef patty was meaty, moist, and seasoned nicely. The hot dog added to the meatiness, although with a different meat and seasoning mix. The lettuce and tomatoes were fresh. The pickles were nice and crunchy. The chips didn't impart much flavor but they kept a decent amount of crunch, although I almost stabbed the roof of my mouth on one.

True to the concept, it did indeed feel like eating a burger, a hot dog, and potato chips all-in-one. But that's the problem; it felt like I was trying to cram all of the above down my pie hole before all the various ingredient fell out in a very un-summer-like fashion.

Overall, Carl's Jr.'s The Most American Thickburger tasted fine but I'd rather have a burger, a hot dog, and a bag of chips separately for the same price.

Nutritional Info - Carl's Jr. The 1/3 lb. Most American Thickburger (417g)
Calories - 1030 (from Fat - 570)
Fat - 64g (Saturated Fat - 23g)
Sodium - 2350mg
Carbs - 70g (Sugar - 16g)
Protein - 38g

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