Jun 22, 2015

Oscar Mayer Now Makes New Chili Cheese Dogs

Oscar Mayer offers up two new hot dog varieties this year with new Chili Cheese Dogs, as in hot dogs with chili spices and cheese in them, and new Chipotle Dogs.

Now you can make a chili cheese dog with chili and cheese both on and in the hot dog. Now if only they made a chili cheese hot dog bun, the trifecta can be completed...

If the idea of a chili cheese hot dog seems a little weird, keep in mind that Oscar Mayer already makes a bacon hot dog as well as a cheese hot dog.

You can find the new hot dogs in 14-oz, 8-count packages starting at $1.50 (may vary).

If you're still trying to locate them, you can try your luck with Kraft's online product locator.

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