Jun 25, 2015

Review: IKEA - Chicken Meatballs

IKEA Chicken Meatballs are new this year as a lower-fat alternative to their famed meatballs. Like the meatballs they come served with cream sauce, mashed potatoes, and lingonberry jam.

A plate with 10 Chicken Meatballs plus the aforementioned sides cost me $4.99.

Compared to their regular meatballs, these are meant to be 25% lower in fat. Visually, they sport a smoother, less craggy surface.

Once I bit into them, they had the same coarsely-ground soft and spongy texture. They're juicy and meaty with the same seasoning as the regular meatballs, only with a chicken-y base rather than porky and beefy. Unsurprisingly, the Chicken Meatballs also went well with the creamy gravy.

If you've never tried them, the potatoes were whipped and creamy, while the lingonberry jam is very similar to cranberry jam.

Overall, IKEA Chicken Meatballs were really good, especially if you prefer chicken over beef or pork. I would say they offer 90% of the same experience as IKEA's regular meatballs.

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