Sep 19, 2016

Cinnabon Adds New BonBites

Catering to the trend towards more snacking, Cinnabon introduces new mini cinnamon rolls called "BonBites" to the menu.

Each BonBite is good for about 100 calories and the come in two flavors that mirror their larger counterparts: Signature Cream Cheese Frosting and Caramel Pecan.

The new product was previously tested at a select number of locations as "Cinnabon Bites."

BonBites are a permanent menu item and are available in either a 4-count sleeve or a 24-count tray. The suggested price for a 4-count order of Signature Cream Cheese Frosting BonBites is $3.89, while Caramel Pecan is a bit more at $4.39 (may vary). Additionally, you can choose to mix and match the two in a four-piece order for $4.49 (I would have expected it to be somewhere between the two prices but that's just me).

The suggested price for the 24-count grab-and-go tray starts at $16.99 for the Signature Cream Cheese, $17.99 for a mix-and-match of the two flavors, and $18.99 for the Caramel Pecan.

Photo via Cinnabon.

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