Sep 24, 2016

McDonald's Testing Breakfast Happy Meal

McDonald's is looking into offering all-day breakfast options for their iconic Happy Meal in a test out in Tulsa, OK set to start this upcoming Monday, September 26, 2016.

The new All Day Breakfast Happy Meal includes two entree choices: two McGriddle Cakes (i.e a McGriddle sandwich minus the whole sandwich portion) and a new Egg & Cheese McMuffin (i.e. an Egg McMuffin minus the Canadian bacon).

Additionally, hash browns are an available side option (along with the current available choices of apple slices, Strawberry Go-Gurt, and fries).

Happy Meals include a choice of entree, two side choices, a drink, and a toy.

The new meal will be offered at 72 Tulsa-area McDonald's restaurants during the test.

Photo via McDonald's.

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