Sep 14, 2016

KFC's Latest Colonel is an Actual Colonel

KFC seemingly rolls out a new celebrity Colonel for every season. This time around they got an actual retired colonel in actor Rob Riggle to play the KFC founder... Just in time for fall and the kick off of football season.

Rob Riggle plays the Colonel as the "owner, general manager, head coach, defensive coordinator, offensive coordinator, marketing director, groundskeeper and scouting director of America's newest professional football team, the Kentucky Buckets."

Riggle is a retired Lt. Colonel in the United States Marine Corps Reserve and served for 23 years.

You can catch the concept in action in the following video:

In addition to the football-themed marketing, the brand introduces an Extra Crispy Tenders $20 Fill Up, which includes 12 Extra Crispy Tenders, a large cole slaw, two large mashed potatoes and gravy, and four biscuits for $20.

Photo via KFC.

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