Sep 15, 2016

Wendy's Testing Croissant Bun and Truffle Sauces

Keeping up with their slightly-more-upscale-than-McDonald's market position, Wendy's has been spotted testing a croissant bun paired with a truffle aioli as well as truffle parmesan cheese sauce.

The two rich ingredients can be found new Truffle Bacon Cheeseburger along with a standard combination of a beef patty, spring mix, bacon, and cheese slice. Additionally, the truffle sauce can be found on new Bacon Truffle Fries.

The new burger was spotted by one of your fellow Brand Eaters in Billerica, MA as well as in Manchester, NH.

The price on the burger at test is $4.99, which is pretty standard for Wendy's limited-time premium burger pricing. I reached out to the brand for comment regarding any future launch for the burger (and fries) but was only able to confirm that it is indeed a test product. The price tag on the fries is $2.39.

A Bacon Maple Chicken Sandwich, which also features a croissant bun, has been spotted testing out in Washington as far back as August. The toasted croissant bun there is joined by crispy chicken, bacon, and Swiss cheese, plus maple butter spread as well as maple butter glaze.

While the addition of a truffle aioli and sauce would be new here in the U.S., Wendy's offered a Truffle Cream Burger in Japan back in 2013.

Photo via Anonymous.

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