Oct 23, 2016

Bellisio Foods Debuts New Eat! Frozen Meals

Bellisio Foods, the makers of Boston Market and Chili's frozen entrees, introduces new EAT! frozen entrees featuring Asian, Latin American, and American flavors (although apparently not all together).

Each entree contains less than 700 mg of sodium and 13 grams of fat with no artificial colors, flavors, or preservatives.

The different cuisines are grouped into three categories: EAT! BimBap for Asian cuisine, EAT! LaVida for Latin American cuisine, and EAT! 2.0 for classic American cuisine.

The eight varieties at launch include:

- Chicken and Potato Curry
- Korean Inspired Chicken
- Orange Chicken
- Mexican Style Mac & Cheese with Uncured Bacon
- Tomatillo Chicken
- Chicken Penne Primavera
- Honey Balsamic Chicken
- Lemon Herb Chicken.

The new frozen entree line is available now in over 4,000 retail stores nationwide.

Photo via Bellisio Foods.

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