Oct 31, 2016

Cajun Turkeys are Back at Popeyes for 2016 Holiday Season

Heading into November, it's once again Cajun Turkey season at Popeyes.

The birds range from 9-to-13 pounds and are marinated with a blend of Louisiana seasonings before being slow-roasted and then flash-fried for a crispy skin.

You can order them and schedule a time for pick up at a participating Popeyes restaurant. They need to be heated before serving and include instructions to do so. The price per turkey is around $39.99 but may vary with location.

If you're wondering what one of these are like or just want to see actual pictures of how it turns out, you can find my review of Popeyes Cajun Turkey here.

At least some Popeyes restaurants offer the birds through Christmas but, if interested, you'll want to check if your local Popeyes is one of them.

Photo via Popeyes.