Oct 7, 2016

Review: Taco Bell - Cheddar Habanero Quesarito

Taco Bell's Cheddar Habanero Quesarito features Habanero sauce, seasoned beef (or steak or chicken), Latin rice, and reduced fat sour cream wrapped up in a cheese quesadilla.

It goes for $2.89 in my neighborhood but I opted to get it in a $5 Box that also includes a Crunchy Taco, Doritos Locos Taco, and medium drink.

While it's called the Cheddar Habanero Quesarito, the new menu item is just a regular Quesarito with the addition of Habanero sauce (despite the name, there's isn't any more cheddar to it than the original version). It's the same sauce that was featured in one of the since-discontinued Dare Devil Grillers.

The sauce makes it a bit more spicy than the normal menu version and adds a stronger sour cream note. It's not super spicy but there's medium amount of heat to it.

Beyond the sauce, you get the same mostly nacho cheese oozing out of the quesadilla and the very familiar combination of Taco Bell's signature seasoned beef and rice. It's nice but very well-trodden ground.

Overall, Taco Bell's Cheddar Habanero Quesarito isn't going to drive any new converts to the Quesarito fold but offers a slightly different take on what's become a regular mainstay of the Taco Bell menu. I'd prefer to see more melted shredded cheese and less nacho cheese sauce in the quesadilla portion though.

Nutritional Info - Taco Bell Cheddar Habanero Quesarito - Beef
Calories - 660 (from Fat - 300)
Fat - 25g (Saturated Fat - 11g)
Sodium - 1460mg
Carbs - 67g (Sugar - 6g)
Protein - 22g

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