Oct 29, 2016

Burger King Offers New Orange Halloween Whopper in Finland

Perhaps in a move to make their signature Whopper look more pumpkin-like for the season, Burger King offers the new Orange Halloween Whopper over in Finland as well as Norway and the Netherlands.

The new burger's key feature is an orange-colored, cheddar cheese-flavored sesame seed bun. While the build-out from there varies between the three countries, they all include a flame-grilled beef patty, cheddar cheese, mayo, lettuce, and tomato.

Where they differ is that both the Finland and Netherlands version also include cheddar cheese sauce, fresh onions, and bacon, while the Norway Halloween Whopper includes fried onions and a chile cheese sauce instead.

Colored buns for Halloween have become somewhat of a "thing" for Burger King in a number of countries, including here in the US where they offered a steak sauce-flavored, black bun for Halloween just last year. The black bun is also back for Halloween this year in a number of countries, including Germany and Singapore.

While it's debatable whether the orange color gives the Orange Halloween Whopper a more pumpkin-like appearance, it should be noted that the chain also once offered a burger with actual sliced of pumpkin in it.

Photos via Burger King Finland.

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