Oct 1, 2016

Little Caesar Testing Pizza with Brisket and "Smokehouse-Seasoned" Crust

Little Caesars has been spotted testing a new pizza that comes topped with smoked brisket and features a "Smokehouse-seasoned" crust.

Besides the brisket and seasoned crust, the pizza features a smoky barbecue sauce, pulled pork, and applewood-smoked bacon on the chain's hand-tossed crust.

The crust seasoning has been likened to a dry rub.

The new Smokehouse Pizza is priced at $9 for a large. It's been spotted testing in Zapata, Texas as well as in Lexington, KY.

While barbecue pizza is common enough, the brisket and the Smokehouse-seasoned crust make this one a bit more interesting than most.

Photos via Anonymous.

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