Oct 22, 2016

KFC Japan Debuts New Ring Churros with Pumpkin Maple Sauce

KFC is offering new Ring Churros with Pumpkin Maple Sauce over in Japan as part of a festive Halloween Barrel.

The Ring Churros are so-named because they're churros folded into a ring shape. Each order comes with a packet of Pumpkin Maple Sauce for dipping.

Each Halloween Barrel includes a Halloween-themed bucket, four pieces of Original Recipe fried chicken, two crispy strips, two orders of French fries, and two orders of Ring Churros.

Both the Barrel and Ring Churros are available for a limited time through Halloween for 1890 yen (~$18.21). You can also get an order of Ring Churros for 220 yen ($2.12)

Photos via KFC Japan.

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