Oct 18, 2016

New M&M's Caramel are Coming Next Year

M&M's get a little bit softer inside with the announced arrival of new M&M's Caramel in 2017.

The new variety of the iconic chocolate candies features a soft caramel center surround by chocolate and a candy shell. Rather than the yellow or brown bags or Peanut and Chocolate flavors, Caramel will come in a bright blue bag.

If you're wondering what the caramel-to-chocolate ratio will be, this picture should give you a good idea:

New M&M's Caramel are set to arrive nationwide starting late May 2017 in Singles (1.41 oz.), Sharing Size (2.83 oz.), and Sharing Size Stand Up Pouches (9.6 oz.).

Photos via M&M's.

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