Oct 24, 2016

Taco Bell UK Serves Up New Kit Kat Chocadilla

Taco Bell introduces what's basically a new Kit Kat Quesadilla, but with chocolate instead of cheese, over in the UK.

The Chocodilla made with Kit Kat is a variant of the chain's Chocodilla, a grilled folded flour tortilla filled with melted chocolate chips, that adds the crispy wafer of Kit Kat candy bars to the equation.

If you're wondering how the menu item came about: During initial testing, they looked at a number of different chocolate flavors before Kit Kat came out on top. From there, they tried "a Kit Kat crumble with chocolate sauce, Kit Kat bites with chocolate, and a few different variables from the Kit Kat family."

The new dessert is available for a limited time for £1.29 (~$1.58) with any combo purchase.

While neither the Chocodilla nor Kit Kat Chocodilla is offered in the US, it seems easy enough to grill some smashed up Kit Kat pieces in a flour tortilla if you're curious enough.

Photo via Taco Bell UK.

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