Oct 20, 2016

Maltesers Coming to the US in 2017

British Maltesers candies are slated to come to the US and will be available domestically starting January of next year.

The chocolate-covered malt ball candies are similar to Whoppers and will arrive as a competing brand (Maltesers are made by Mars, while Hershey's manufactures Whoppers). While both candies generally sport the same ingredients, they seem to differ a fair bit in taste and texture--something you can more easily compare for yourself come January 2017 (if you can't wait, imported ones are available online and in some stores).

They've also been available in theater concession stands since September.

Maltesers will be available in several sizes including 1.3-oz singles ($1.09 - $1.39), 3-oz theater boxes ($1.00 to $1.70) 3.52-oz bags; 14.5-oz tubs ($4.99 - $5.99), and 31.1-oz tubs ($9.48 - $.9.99)

Photo via Mars Chocolates.

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