Mar 15, 2019

Burger King Rebrands Coffee to "BK Cafe" and Offers $5 a Month Subscription Good for a Coffee a Day

Burger King is now calling their coffee platform "BK Cafe" rather than "BK Joe." While the drink selection hasn't changed, starting today BK app users can sign up for a $5 per month BK Cafe Coffee subscription that's good for a small cup of hot coffee every day at participating locations.

Once subscribed, a daily coupon for a free small coffee will appear under the "offers" tab of the app. They're touting the deal as a month of coffee for the same price as a large cappuccino at Starbucks. You can find additional details regarding the program here.

The name change is an interesting one given its similarity to McDonald's McCafe moniker (although BK isn't adding espresso-based drinks to the menu). I reached out to a company rep to see if there were any actual changes beyond the name but was told they didn't have anything to share regarding BK Cafe except for the $5 coffee subscription launch.

The BK Cafe menu includes brewed coffee, iced coffee, and Frappes. As before, the coffee is made with Arabica beans (which is generally the case as they constitute about 70% of the global coffee market). Iced coffee is available in vanilla and mocha varieties, while Frappes come in two flavors: Mocha and Caramel.

They have a new tagline for their coffee. It's "Flame Roasted, Freshly Brewed." Burger King also put out a video to burnish their coffee bona fides:

Photo via Burger King.

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