Mar 6, 2019

Post Rolls Out New Chicken & Waffles and Maple Bacon Donuts Cereal in "Extremely Limited Quantities"

Post celebrates the upcoming National Cereal Day on March 7, 2019 with the release of new Chicken & Waffles Honey Brunches of Oats and new Maple Bacon Donuts Honey Brunches of Oats in "extremely limited quantities.

Combining savory and sweet flavors, the limited edition cereals do not contain meat but are purported to tastes like chicken or bacon, respectively, with notes of maple and honey.

They can only be found at select Walmart, Giant Eagle, Woodman's and Riesbeck's stores, while they last. You don't have to root around for them though as Post has put out a handy list of stores where you might find them.

In case you missed it, the two new flavors are being called "Honey Brunches of Oats" rather than "Honey Bunches of Oats."

Photo via Post.

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